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Environmental Safety Section

The Environmental Safety Section has been established as a support unit that offers administrative services relating to campus safety, laboratory safety, environmental protection and campus maintenance along with relevant consultation services in order to create a safe environment for work and learning for all faculties and students at TUT.

Duties and responsibilities for the Environmental Safety Section can be separated under two major categories of environmental safety and environmental protection:
Environmental safety encompasses: laboratory safety, routine elevator maintenance and safety inspection, fire safety equipment inspection and registration management, campus safety and sanitation and self-defense firefighting team training, management of civil defense corps and security guards and vehicle access control.
Environmental protection encompasses: management of the sewage treatment facility and discharge standards, routine maintenance of water fountains and management of potable water quality, handling of environmental protection policies, campus environment maintenance and campus beautification.

In the near future, the Section will utilize TUT’s network systems to integrate various safety equipment available on campus in order to achieve effective prevention and immediate handling of issues regarding the maintenance of campus safety. The Section will also attempt to integrate various resources for more effective campus environment planning in order to achieve an ideal balance between ecological protection and campus planning at TUT to ultimately create a safe, creative, and environmental friendly campus.
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