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Training facilities/laboratories management

Management and audit of controlled facilities/venues; safety and hygiene training and proper disposal of wastes from the facilities/labs


Campus beautification

Management and planning of tree/flower cultivation


Fire safety

Maintenance and inspection of fire safety equipment; fire safety registration and disaster prevention training


Restroom cleaning and sanitation

Maintenance of cleanliness in restrooms and subcontractor management


Campus environment

Environmental disinfection and cleaning; maintenance of campus cleanliness


Sewage treatment

Maintenance of the sewage treatment facility to keep operational and relevant registrations


Water fountain management

Installation of water fountains; management of water fountain cleaning and maintenance; routine inspection of water quality


Elevator management

Routine maintenance for elevators; handling of elevator related emergencies


Water tower cleaning

Routine water tower cleaning


Surveillance equipment

Maintenance of surveillance equipment and management of image access applications


Emergency system

Maintenance of the emergency system equipment; handling distress events


Security guard management

Campus security guard & entrance gate security guard management; vehicle access control


Security system

System maintenance and handling of emergencies



Maintaining campus environment and keeping restrooms clean